Assisting clients with prosecuting or defending lawsuits.


Labour law mediates the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions and the government. The Phillip Silver Mathura Inc. team assists with matters in all employment related forums including the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), Labour Court, High Court and the relevant Appeal Courts.


Phillip Silver Mathura Inc.’s mission is to provide clients with a superior legal experience, drawing on legal expertise across various sectors, in order to produce the best possible outcome for our clients. Our expert team of attorneys are recognised by our clients as being dedicated and passionate about their transactions, by:

  • providing a professional service

  • offering the highest caliber legal advice

  • delivering a high level of attention to detail

  • building a long-lasting relationship

This ethos has been well established by the directors of Phillip Silver Mathura Inc., namely: Phillip Silver (Founder), Neeta Mathura (Managing Director) and Preeya Mathura (Director); as well as Attorneys Kenneth da Costa and Sebastian Farah.

  • gaining a practical understanding

  • understanding the personal circumstances

  • effective attorney-client communication

  • quick and realistic turnaround times

Neeta is an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa, a Notary Public and a Conveyancer. She is a dynamic leader who has an indomitable drive to offer her clients the best possible service. With her vast expertise and experience in all property related matters, Neeta is able to provide specialist advice in property matters of both a commercial and residential nature, and lectures Real Estate Agents on all aspects of Property Law.

Preeya Mathura is a director at Phillip Silver Mathura Inc., an Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public. Preeya is an integral part of the Conveyancing and Property division of the firm. She is also a professional and dependable Notary, whose knowledge and experience instils confidence. Her dedication and passion allows her to communicate her wealth of experience, provide efficient and personal service and still achieve the best possible results for clients.

Kenneth da Costa joined Phillip Silver Mathura Inc. in 2017, where he completed his articles of clerkship and was admitted as an Attorney in 2018. Kenneth is a fundamental part of the firm and his areas of interest include Property Law, providing a professional service to clients in all Property related matters.

Sebastian Farah recently joined Phillip Silver Mathura Inc. as a specialist litigation attorney. He has vast experience in general, civil, commercial and corporate litigation. Sebastian understands the unique details and intricacies required in each matter and offers clients a high level of service. Sebastian is a valuable part of the firm.

Phillip Silver founded Phillip Silver and Associates and has played a major role in the firm’s upward trajectory as well as giving the firm an international presence. Phillip has been practising as an Attorney in South Africa since 1990 and as a Solicitor in Australia since 2009. His areas of expertise incorporate Commercial  Law and Litigation, all practised at the highest level. He has a reputation for obtaining the best results for his clients, which he achieves through the synergy of skills in our Australian and South African law offices. In doing so he has created a successful legal bridge between the two countries.

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