One of the many issues that is faced by South African citizens during the lockdown is that people who are breaking minor lockdown regulations and rules are getting criminal records. Most of these records were given to joggers, dog walkers and under normal circumstances, law-abiding citizens.


The problem with these criminal records is that most people aren’t even aware of them until they are faced with looking for a job, traveling to another country and other legal implications. Many people who have transgressed the rules and regulations have accepted and paid an admission of guilt fine to avoid court appearances, this admission of guilt fine can often lead to a misconception that it’s similar to a speeding fine which is often seen as a “slap to the wrist”, this is woefully not the case.


Although people can sometimes feel pressured to pay admission guilt fines, it is tremendously important to remember your rights as a citizen. These matters can be contested in court and if not serious, they can be withdrawn which would see you free from a criminal record and possibly free from paying a fine.


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