A new change in regulations allows real estate agents to get back to work, Albeit very limited work.


Due to the inclusion of a regulation allowing for the moving into a new house and/or  business premises, real estate agencies are included into the professional and business services which is permitted for activity in terms of part H.7 in the level 4 Risk-Adjusted Framework. Due to movement under these circumstances being permitted, estate agents will need to do a hand over of the property by providing the new tenants, homeowners, or business owners with the keys to the residence or premises.


Considering the new developments, the two most important things to remember is that:


  • Estate agents will need permits that must be filled out with the relevant estate agent’s principle, supplemented with company documents proving the existence of the estate agency such as a CIPC document. The form that must be filled out is form 1 as per annexure C, of the regulations; and



  • Estate agents will not be allowed to work in the same capacity as they did before the National Lockdown. The permit will only be limited to assisting with the handover of keys and ingoing and outgoing inspections of the residence or premises. In other words, you will still need to work at home via electronic means.



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