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There have been multiple arrests in South Africa during the National Lockdown, law enforcement authorities have clamped down on enforcing the regulations under the Disaster Management Act. Although many South Africans adhere to these regulations, there are some that contravene them, knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Reasons why people are arrested during the lockdown:-


  1. Convening of a gathering, assembly, concourse or processing of more than 100 persons wholly or partially in open air or in a building or premises;​

  2. Hindering, interfering, or obstructing law enforcement authorities in executing their duties under the Disaster Management Act.

  3. Making misrepresentations or spreading of “fake news” to any persons of anything related to the Covid-19 virus.

  4. Failure to confine yourself in your residence.

  5. Possession of fraudulent lockdown permits.

  6. Illegal gatherings.

  7. Transporting and sale of liquor.

  8. Not adhering to the 5am – 8pm curfew hours of confinement to your residence.

  9. Not adhering to the 6am – 9am curfew for exercising within a 5km radius of your residence.

  10. Unauthorised movement between provinces, metropolitan areas and districts.

  11. Movement of children without the manditory documents.

  12. The sale of tobacco products, cigarettes and related products.

  13. Looting of any businesses, premises, or buildings.

  14. Evictions and moving of residences.

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